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  • Genre: Visual Novel, BxG, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, Psychological, Fantasy
  • WARNINGS: May depict depression-prone characters, but nothing extreme. 
  • Rating: 13+  
  • Developer: AniClash Studios

Zeta Wolf Chronicles is a romance, drama-heavy, BxG visual novel currently in development. We're currently in Alpha stage, gradually acquiring time/funds for additional assets. Our Kickstarter is planned sometime next year. 

Unique to Zeta Wolf Chronicles are the perspective theme and the primary focus on internal communication. With insight points (point and click gameplay) you can temporarily gain the perspective of the inner thoughts of a certain character. Later with reflection points, you can trigger additional thoughts from Rayen, and be faced with choosing between either when they appear simultaneously. This can make each playthrough unique, with your choices altering the flow of the story. 

Much care was spent in planning Zeta Wolf's story and overall plot. Realism was a central focus, and having believable character interactions and romance timelines. A large portion of our background and setting are inspired by real-life events.  

While our demo is just the tip of the iceberg, we wanted a story that could inspire and educate others in the world of romance. As our demo portrays, being a guy in a similar situation as Rayen, is no easy task. It's important to us that we can show rather than tell, how Rayen navigates his individual situation with girls-under extreme desperation and anxiety.  

As such, our project lead Zanthos set out to create a visual novel different from many eroge/BxG of today. Where the path to the heroine and your girlfriend, is believable, logical, and rooted in realism.  

Demo Features

  • ~4 hours of Gameplay
  • Over 30k Word Script
  • Partial Voiced: ~6k Words Spoken Dialogue
  • Multiple Choices and Endings

Thank you so much for visiting our page and trying our demo! 

Support us?

We're currently working on our assets for the next build and our eventual Kickstarter for next year. Want to throw us a bone to speed up the process? Consider donating today (donate straight through the itch.io link when you download the game)! Your kindness is much appreciated, and if you donate $5 or more, your name will be listed immediately in our credits for all builds of the game.  

Let me clarify a few things with this new launch. If you donated at least $5 in the past to us (through itch.io) you will be given a key to download the game early. Additionally, anyone can choose to support development by purchasing version 2.0 from 8/4 until 8/20.

Contact Us

If you need any help with getting the game running, want to reach out, or for general inquires, please contact our staff at aniclashstudios@gmail.com

Content Creation/Press

If you'd like to stream or record video content of our demo, we'd love to hear about it! Just send us a DM (@AniClashStudios) or email us at the address above! Thank you! You'll definitely get a shout-out.  

Likewise, if you'd like to write about our game, we have provided a small presskit-lite with some promotional materials. Our options will be expanded greater next year once we prepare more assets. 

Download Press Kit

Survey/Bug Reporting

Finished playing through our demo? We'd love to hear your feedback! Just click on the button below to be taken to a brief questionnaire.

Additionally, if you encounter any unusual bugs within the game, consider taking the time to report them (also through the button below). Thank you! 

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Future Developments

  • 3 New Characters will be introduced in 2021. This includes the already revealed Maikah. The next girls introduced will be Ravia and Crescia. 
  • Spanish Translation on next major build
  • Expanded Glossary and CG Unlockables
  • MAC Build - Once adequate testing is performed 
  • Android/Mobile Build
Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Mar 15, 2020
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Coming Of Age, Dating Sim, Dreams, Kickstarter, relationship, Romance, Slice Of Life, Surreal
Average sessionA few hours


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This game is interesting. Making it available for android would be a huge help for those who dont have much time on their pc.

Good news is that an Android version is planned for the future! This will likely roll around late next year or so. Testing on mobile has been ongoing, but not quite polished enough to release at the moment. 

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I have decided to start writing a comment before actually playing the game but I can say that I love that there is a tutorial :D even if it is not the first game I play like this and I loved the graphic which is one of the reasons that attracted me to the game. And I love wolves too so :D.

But even the game description is interesting :D so time to play it. :D

Oh, the little prompt of the game seems interesting :D

Edit start game one do anything...

Maybe the problem is the 32-bit version...

and I have no new game option.

Unable to even start a session...

compatibility problems :'( I'm on Windows 10 by the way.

trying to open is as admin...

Sadly I can't play it at all... Doesn't seem to work for Windows 10.

(1 edit)

Hello, thanks so much for your comment! It's unfortunate that the game could not start for you. This may be due to the method in which we used to package the game. 

We'll look into alternative means such as a raw .zip file and hopefully this will remedy issues for some players. This will be distributed once our 2.0 build goes live, so please be patient (scheduled to release this spring)!

(1 edit)

thank you for the reply and actually all of the game one zip works for me. At least of those I have tried :D


(1 edit)

Hello again! Don't worry, development is still ongoing. I've been in the middle of a personal ordeal (buying first home), so that's the cause of some delays at the moment. This game means a lot to me on a personal level, so it is definitely my goal to eventually release it. The 2.0 update is super close, just have to polish up a few kinks here and there. Likely I'll have to make an official announcement about the delay, but I'll say fall 2021 as a definite. It'll give me time to get firmly settled in the new home and work life as well. 


Interesting concepts consider me intrigued. Any bugs I saw have already been mentioned so I don't really have much to say besides: I'll be watching this product very closely. Loved Miss Crass's design and VA btw


Hello! Thanks for your kind words, we certainly appreciate it. It's been sort of quiet on the development front lately (since the demo's initial debut), but we're planning to post an update soon. 

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello! I stumbled upon your raffle on Twitter and after I look at the art, I simply interested and decided to give it a try immediately!

I like playing this game soo much, not only because the art of the characters and backgrounds are superb, but also those BGM and SFX are perfectly match. Personally I like that ting-ling sfx when I hover over a button. That was cute and I hover to any button several times to hear the sfx again heheh. The UI and Graphics are gorgeous too, although I believe some font size could be bigger, like in the Save Game Pages. I also like the Voice Actor, like ghosh! They did a pretty good job! (especially Ms. Crass huehue) and those "Insight" concept. That was brilliant and it was my first time encounter a Visual Novel with such a concept. Totally love it! That's what makes your works original and unique, different than anyone. Oh, and moving sprites for blinking and breathing? Plus point added. Last, appreciating the Tutorials! It was super kind of you to give tutorials for those new player.

However, I noticed some bugs here and there. First, the text names came out and disapper later than the box name. I found it quite odd because usually the box and the name came out in the same time. Some names also didn't appeared in the later scenes, especially when Rayen already meet Ms. Crass to consult about his love-life. I also noticed when Rayen do a narration (and it's voiced, gosh! You guys rock!), the background turn into a sad evening cloud and the narration text supposed to appear there. But for some narrations, the text isn't appear at all. I still can hear Rayen well enough tho, but I guess you need to look that out. Oh, and when I chose "Game my time" instead of "reading e-book" (I must say, the e-book is hillarious LMAO) in one of the Rayen's choice to spend his free-time, nothing happened. No dialogue box at all, but the BGM is still playing. I got stuck on the bedroom background hoho, please look that out.

Overall, Zeta Wolf Chronicles is a great work and I would definitely waiting for the full-released version! Good luck team!


And this is a few suggestions to add, hope they will be considered in newer version!

1. Log features for both text and audio log. I found it somehow necessary, mainly because I press my "Enter" button too fast and I missed out some dialogues from Ms. Crass ;w;

2. Save Game Menu suggestions are as follows :

- date information for each saved file, for people who play it in a super casual way or when their friends come over to play the games in their PC, they tend to leave so many saved games and it would be helpful to add the date information when they saved it.

- or, you may give the players some options to rename their saved files instead!

- sometimes, some people accidentally save their progress in wrong slot, so I think, adding the delete option for saved files also necessary!

- Lastly, please give some confirmation prompt before deleting and overwrite files ;w; something like "are you sure you want to delete/overwrite this saved files" or etc.

3. Setting page. Have I mentioned that I totally like the cute UI? I would appreciate it if you guys considering to add the button for the slide bar. Maybe like this or this.

4. PLEASE GIVE SOME CONFIRMATION PROMPT BEFORE THE PLAYER QUIT THE GAME, especially with that 'Esc' button ;w; I noticed someone already commented about this before but I will add this here just because..

5. I noticed the transtition is a wolf-head shape. I found it fascinating but somehow it's quite taking time to wait them fully transitioned to the next scene? I suggest you to faster the transition a little bit to make it more smoother.

6. I was surprised when I want to save the choice moment for Siona (I usually did that in VN so I can comeback in that choice again) and the page says something like "The Time is Up" like????? I would appreciate it if you guys add the ticking-time somewhere to remind us that we have to choose it fast. Oh, and please put the timer information in the tutorial too, so the players can anticipate to think fast when they meet the choice.

7. Shortcut for quick save and quick load. Or for the better, everything for accessing menu! Heheh.

I think that's all of it. Good luck AniClashStudios!


Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed that this feedback is supremely awesome. I can address a few of the things you wish to have added to the game.

1) Log will be present in version 1.5 (our next build) so you're in luck!

2) Save and load screens will be updated with the information you requested (date/time and such) in the next build =) We're looking into the each of the additions you mentioned to polish it up a bit, but I cannot promise that everything will be updated immediately. 

3) Woohoo! Work on a slider bar button for the options page is already in progress!

4) Yes, confirmation prompt on quit will be added in the next version.

5) Thanks for your comment on the wolf transitions, several players have wished to have the transition sped up. We'll adjust this in the next version. 

6) This particular segment of the game with Siona and her timed choice is a little buggy, you are correct. I'm hoping we can refine this so it is not a frustration for players. Currently a WIP. 

7) Shortcut, like a keybind? Hmm... it's possible. We'll look into this one. 

Thanks again for all of your great feedback. We would like to highlight you in our next devlog!

(1 edit) (+2)

I like playing this game. It was a unique and basic experience of of going through it. For the demo, it had its ups and downs. 

Let's start with the ups.

I like the character designs of Rayen, Siona, Lyca, Crass and the mystery girl. Good colour designs and personalities.

The talk between Rayen and Crass was interesting to listen to of of his struggles and don't know how to talk to girls right.

Plus, the ending with Lyca and Crass was nice and a bit humorous.

Let's start with the Downs.

I wished there was actually a timer or a ticking countdown doing where you can first encountered Siona. I failed the first time playing it, but not that much of an issue. 

Maybe a skip button on to be dark cloud moments where Rayen talks to himself, as I play the demo over again.  Those lasted around 30 seconds (or feels like it to me on my PC).

Maybe it's me or I didn't listen correctly, but Ms. Crass said that Lyca was in demo but I need to listened and unlocked everything or something.  Well, I did (Hopefully by click on almost every chioces and click on almost insight points) but nothing happens.  

I noticed some errors and bugs from playing it over and over again where character names are missing and no texts in the dark clouds moments. 

I'll make a bug report with some screenshots later in the day.

But overall, Zeta Wolf Chronicles demo version is a good visual novel is play when you have some spare time, the characters are unique to get to know, the background art, music and GUI are nice to noticed. 

Can't wait for more from this team. :) 

My Twitter:

Take a look at Bus Arrows Studio (@Busarrows1): https://twitter.com/Busarrows1?s=09


Pushing Esc just shut down game without any warning. I did't even got a chance to save. You should probably fix it. Also, game effects feels sluggish since I couldn't find anything to make it briefly. For example, sentence from prologue have slow-fading effect without any means to get through it like pressing the spacebar

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback. We'll make these adjustments in the next build! Also, it's worth noting that lightly tapping the CTRL key activates the skip function at any point of the game. Not ideal for the prologue, but it's possible to remove the fading later if its a cumbersome design choice.